Photo via thesullys on FlickrShyness is Nice (Psychology Today)
Spreading the word about the value of quiet, sensitive people.

We cover topics including shyness, social anxiety and introversion. We write about children and adults. In all cases, our focus is on greater understanding and acceptance of each person’s unique strengths.

heartsThe Self-Compassion Project
“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Jack Kornfield

Barb’s personal blog. Would love it if you’d join me on the journey to self-compassion.

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  1. Terry Benish says:

    I have a 21 year old son that is gripped by Steve Sax syndrome as he is playing fall ball in college as I write this. Is there someone in the Portland, Oregon area that you might recommend for treatment or steps he might take?

    • Barbara Markway says:

      Thank you for writing, Terry. This is a particular interest of mine as I played college baseball and then coached kids for many years. I will be posting an article soon on Psychology Today’s site (within a day or two). I will send you a link when it is posted. I don’t know anyone specifically in Portland, but I would recommend seeing if there is anyone at the university that specializes in sports psychology. If not, I suspect there would be someone in private practice in a community that size that could help. Best wishes to your son.

  2. Darron Flagg says:

    Dear Dr. Barbara Markway, Your participation in the documentary “Afraid of People” was truly touching. Thank you for your courage.

    • Terry Benish says:

      I wrote Greg about my son who has Steve
      Sax disease which was induced by his college coach. He was cut after fall ball in October.

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  3. Heather Hamood says:

    I also loved the PBS documentary “Afraid of People.” As somebody who was always described as the popular wallflower and a backrow of a classroom type of person, the Markways truly inspired me. Im a recent MD graduate and I want people to know that if I’ve overcame my social anxiety disorder and became my lifelong dream of a physician than everyone can too. Dont be afraid to step outside of the box. Its easier said than done but if I can get through 25 years of a social anxiety disorder and become a physician, everyone can accomplish their goals. Best of luck to everyone and watch the PBS documentary Afraid of People and read the Markways book. It will help everyone out so much. It helped me conquer my social anxiety fears and I’m on the road to recovery. God Bless.

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