Joining a Support Group When You’re Afraid to Speak

The notion of “connecting with community” can be daunting for people with social anxiety.  That’s why it’s extra impressive how Marla Genova has not only started support groups for people with social anxiety disorder, but she’s built them to the point where they are growing and thriving.

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About Barbara Markway

Barbara Markway, Ph.D., is a psychologist and author. Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including: the New York Times, Washington Post, Today Show, and Good Morning America. She blogs at Psychology Today and The Self-Compassion Project.
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One Response to Joining a Support Group When You’re Afraid to Speak

  1. Oneyda says:

    Once I oral ptrieneatson a class I scared I turned around actually held nose though I going under water I turned around guess worked I later worked a trainer although time I presented, I always nervous I realize key yourself someone picture underwear. Yes, I give ice breaker First introduce yourself want know know one another each person one word first letter name personality. name Debi I calling myself “Daring” Debi next person Mike called himself Monkey Mike Monkey first name Daring Debi I Monkey Mike next girl ;s daring Debi ;s monkey mike I loving Laura thru room takes 15 mins a group 20! Gets em loosened up! need smile appear more relaxed anyway! Using a flip chart remember key points want talk overhead projector! need a flip chart stand hold flip chart . Different Markers Flip Chart Paper. Having group a poster sort another give em markers a piece poster board tie teaching. more fun learning more retain. always walk away ptrieneatson learning something yourself a one! Give out Hershey kisses people confidence someone feel comfortable pretend telling information. adding a humor always scared death don’t em see ! videos well visuals always ! don’t away wait 45 seconds before yourself. sometimes scared talk out ! Remember humans respectful respect ! feel climbed hurdle over confidence I ! lol Hand outs written material project .

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