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2 Responses to Media

  1. Marla says:

    In response to the article: Spoiler Alerts: The Necessity of Uncertainty
    Posted on November 6, 2011 by Barbara Markway

    A reader asked how Barbara and Greg met, “How did you meet? I’m a member of a couple online dating websites, but I’m far too nervous to actually meet anybody.”

    Many people with social anxiety have this question. I’ve often suggested trying which is an online website but also have activities scheduled to have the online members meet in person. There are some MeetUp sites for dating, but many more for specific hobbies such as music, cooking, arts, etc.

    There are over 20 MeetUp groups that focus specifically on Social Anxiety worldwide! I am hoping that some of my single meetup group members make a love connection someday :)

    The beauty of the MeetUp websites and activities is that they are not geared towards dating, rather a common interest, which takes off the pressure. For those that are comfortable enough to attend such group activities, this would be a great way to meet a significant other and make new friends!

    • Leonardo says:

      Nicole BDecember 14, 2011 It sounds to be that you are just shy. Judging from what you wrote you do not meet the dianiostgc criteria for social anxiety. Social anxiety is a persistant fear of social situations, extreme anxiety when in a social situation, and an avoidance of social situations. I am a shy person too, butit usually gets better with age. I still have no desire to initiate conversations, but can definitely carry one. You may become more social as you age and if not, that’s okay too. If they world was full of outgoing people it would be chaos! )

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